Home Automation

Imagine simple control of your home devices - including lighting, security, temperature, shades, surveillance cameras, pool/spa and audio/video with your new home automation system. Here is what we have to offer.

Inside the Home

Whole Home Audio & Video

Fill one room or every room with your favorite music and video, enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote and create an unrivaled home theater experience.

Lighting & Shade Control

Raise and lower any light in the room or multiple lights in a "scene" with a single press of a button.  Automate your lighting to respond to your schedule without any touch at all. Make your house appear occupied while you are on vacation or trigger a scene that lights up your deck or patio and emphasizes water features in the backyard.

Home Comfort & Thermostats

Home comfort means going beyond temperature with a thermostat that is an all-in-one command center to control and customize your home environment—all while conserving energy and cost. 


Mobile devices, phone systems, intercoms, door stations, voice and video conferencing. Communicate simply with the front door, another location in your home, your family in another state or anywhere around the world. 

Surveillance Systems

Protect your home with video surveillance and integration of security systems.  You’ll always be connected to what’s happening at home with real-time alerts and notifications and remote control through secure mobile apps.

Home Networks & Computers

Homeowners are faced with the daily challenge of keeping their networks and computers running smoothly and protecting their valuable personal data. Whether you're looking for onsite or cloud backup solutions, proactive monitoring of systems for virus, malware or system vulnerabilities, or simply better wifi or more secure networks, Untangled has the right solutions for your home.

Outside the Home

Outdoor Audio, Video & Wireless Networks

As any realtor or designer will tell you, the backyard (or deck, patio, roof…) is the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family.  Just like your indoor entertainment system, outdoor entertainment systems can be customized and designed for that extra element of "wow", while still being very scalable and affordable. Transform your yard into an outdoor living room and create a charming background for the whole family. The ideal spot for social gatherings! 

  • Outdoor speakers laid out in "zones" provide the ability to listen to sports radio on the deck while grilling, rock music on the patio, and reggae by the pool.  Outdoor speakers come in many shapes and sizes, including rocks, planters, uplight-style speakers and more!
  • Enjoy your favorite TV programs or streaming videos and movies in the backyard on an outdoor movie screen or outdoor-rated television.
  • Expand your home wifi network outdoors to allow for streaming audio, video, app control and more.

Outdoor Landscape, Architectural, & Waterfront Lighting

The popularity of outdoor living has brought a new focus to outdoor lighting. Implementing a landscape lighting plan to your home is an investment in pleasure, safety and curb appeal.  In addition, using low-voltage lighting conserves energy and cost and automating the system with timers and photocells ensures that your property is well-lit when it needs to be.

Architectural lighting enhances the design of the home by providing depth and dimension to your property after dusk.  Proper lighting allows for aesthetic enhancement and supplements security and safety outside your home.

A great way to enhance your garden area is by installing landscape lighting. Uplighting your favorite tree, downlighting the kids' play area or even accent lighting stone walls, pillars or shrubbery can bring new life to a simple landscape.

Untangled's lighting partner Coastal Source takes not only landscape and architectural lighting to new standards, but brings waterfront lighting to the next level as well. Extend these landscape accents to your dock, seawall or pier with nose lights, piling caps and step lights. Find out more about our lifetime product guarantee.

Pool and Spa Control

Pool and spa automation simplifies the control and maintenance of your pool functions such as heaters, pumps, jets and lighting, but can also assist with scheduled sanitation, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration.

On the Go

Untangled will work to understand how you utilize each of your devices and then translate that into an integration plan that includes your mobile strategy – aka tech away from home – to allow you to work and live smarter. Give us a call to find out more.





The Untangled life also extends to corporate and commercial environments

Call us today to learn about customized technology solutions for Offices, board rooms and executive facilities, Bars and restaurants, gyms, schools and more.

  • Control a conference room TV or a wall of TVs with a single remote or tablet.
  • Control music in any audio zone, from anywhere.
  • Simple lighting controls and occupancy sensors allow for cost savings in the workplace.
  • Door access control and surveillance systems provide security and monitoring options.
  • Receive email or text alerts if someone enters after hours and easily access and control security cameras from anywhere.
  • Presentation solutions, voice and video conferencing, phone systems and collaboration tools can streamline workflow and productivity among employees, clients and partners.