Whole Home Theater Audio & Video

Fill one room or every room with your favorite music and video, enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote, or create an unrivaled home theater experience. Watch TV, access your movies, stream video, power up a game or enjoy your music library. Integrate your AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Hulu and more with Control4. Press the “Movie” button, and the projector screen descends, the DVD player fires up, the surround sound is activated and the lights dim. Enjoy access to over 40 streaming music services, such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius XM, iTunes or Spotify. Find your favorite songs and discover new artists to love.

Outfit your home theater and/or living room with the best in surround sound. We can easily install in-wall and in-ceiling speaker components. Enjoy the sound without the bulky speakers in sight. Using graphic user interfaces such as Wi-fi Tablets, color touch-panels in the wall or even handheld remote controls, we are able to select music from the cd library, XM radio stations, FM preset stations or even navigate through your I-Pod on our touch-screen and route that source into any room we wish. Think of all the time saved as well as the convenience. We can easily install in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, as well as subwoofers, soundbars, or outdoor speakers. Outfit your home with the best home theater, multi-room audio, or outdoor audio solution and access to all of your media behind closed doors.

Outdoor Audio, Video & Wireless Networks

As any realtor or designer will tell you, the backyard (or deck, patio, roof…) is the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family.  Just like your indoor entertainment system, outdoor entertainment systems can be customized and designed for that extra element of "wow", while still being very scalable and affordable. Transform your yard into an outdoor living room and create a charming background for the whole family. The ideal spot for social gatherings! 

  • Outdoor speakers laid out in "zones" provide the ability to listen to sports radio on the deck while grilling, rock music on the patio, and reggae by the pool. Outdoor speakers come in many shapes and sizes, including rocks, planters, uplight-style speakers and more!

  • Enjoy your favorite TV programs or streaming videos and movies in the backyard on an outdoor movie screen or outdoor-rated television.

  • Expand your home wifi network outdoors to allow for streaming audio, video, app control and more.